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About Us

         Mega Man Electric has been one of the leading companies in providing the most affordable service and electricians since 2012. Mega Man Electric was founded and established by Marteise Shelton in 2011 and is based out of Detroit, MI. Although Mega Man Electric is still a fairly new company in the construction industry we have had the opportunity of sub contracting for and/or partnering with several different companies like JCA Construction, Owens Electrical Company, Perfect Air Mechanical, Lennoxx Builders, Excel Lighting and many more. Servicing customers like Happy's Pizza, Seth Temple Church, Motown Print, Sumo Tomo, and dozens of other homes and businesses. Here at Mega Man Electric we believed that it's not the service we provide but the way we provide it and execute it that makes all the difference. This is why we believe in over engineering ever job for the safety, efficiency, and convenience of our customer while still offering a great low and affordable price. We offer a wide range of service from single phase to three phase, from plugs to services panels, trenches, code violation corrections, rough work, new work construction, remodeling and much more. With us, we assure you that we don't just sale ah service, we sale safety, efficiency, morale, integrity, and a work ethic that is geared towards exceeding our customers expectations.

P.S. Thank you for your support! We look forward to earning your business!

~Marteise Shelton


For more information about our company or to schedule an appointment please call us at:


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